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ARDX20 - Done searching. November 27, 2018
Reviewer: Brian R from Nobleboro, ME United States  
If this rascal was just a single-channel delay, it would still be the one to have.  There's a warmth and depth that it brings to your tone that makes for great blending - rather than sounding like an added-on gimmick.  Slickbilly Vaseline-in-your-eyes slapback? Check - best I've ever been able to coax out of any box.  Vaporous ambience?  Tumbling cascades?  Check, check ... and whatever else you can dream up.  Add in the ability to have two base flavors of delay dialed in on the dual channels and it's like having your DA greased back and a spacesuit on standby at the same time.

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Dual Delay March 1, 2017
Reviewer: Bob Helfant from Redondo Beach, CA United States  
I was playing it against my Wampler Dual Faux Echo (tap tempo), DD-3 with your mod, Carbon Copy Bright, and a Keely 30MS Double Tracker for slap and yours sounds warmer and better than all of them.  Thank you.

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Great Analog Delay January 4, 2017
Reviewer: Ulrich Zmaila from Schwaebisch Hall, BW, Germany  
I like and use both digital and analog delays and I have never been quite happy with my analog delay pedals. Either delay times were too short and/or they sounded muffled or had some sort of unnatural artefacts. The ARDX20 is a real gift. It sounds awesome and has some nice features like the fx loop which is great for connecting an expression pedal as mix control or other effects to color the repeats. Check out an envelope filter in the loop to get some weird and inspiring tones. The ARDX20 sounds an looks fantastic. Great pedal!!!

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Found my delay after 50 years November 25, 2016
Reviewer: Brinsley Schwarz from Waltham Chase, Hampshire United Kingdom  
I first started playing guitar because I heard The Shadows. Like many UK guitarists, I spent a lot of time attempting to sound like Hank Marvin. In the end, obviously, other guitar sounds evolved and I was happy, mostly, with the noise I made and concentrated on what I played.  Recently, I became active again after some time in retirement and found myself looking for a delay pedal again. Tried a lot of what's around and from testing through my amp, but always by myself, ended up with an El Capistan and a Brigadier, by Strymon and was happy as a bunny... until I used them with the band, when my delays just seemed to be swallowed. In the end I googled my problem, was googled to a site where the first contributer had googled the same problem, word for word. His solution was an Analogman ARDX20. I bought one, he was right, clear, loud, beautiful, present delays.

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The best analog delay! June 21, 2016
Reviewer: bookerjazz from Bern, Bern Switzerland  
I love analog delay and I spent a lot of time (and money) checking out all the usual suspects - until I finally found the AnalogMan ARDX20. This pedal has not only the most beautiful delay sound, also the decay feels very natural! Never played anything like this. And - also very important - the guys at AnalogMan are very quick email responder and super fast shipper! I ordered two pedals - they arrived 4 (!) business days later here in Switzerland! What do you want more?

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Delightful delay October 6, 2015
Reviewer: something//something from NH United States  
This pedal is perfect.  I wasn't sure how much I'd use the A/B switch but I find myself making great use of it.  The LEDs respond to the "Time" setting on the delay, even when its off, so you can always know which delay setting is active when you turn the pedal back on.  Fun playing around with the feedback setting too, especially with my fuzz face :)

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Back to Analog- Welcome Home! July 21, 2015
Reviewer: Justin Bell from Kauneonga Lake, NY United States  
Hi. I've used 7 delays in the last year! Honestly, I was so deep in it I wasn't sure how I'd feel by the time I laid down my cash for the Ardx20.
I'll say immediately I was brought back to a warm place. I like simple, to the point displays and with 3 knobs per channel, I feel comfortable to tweek knobs and it's so quick to dial in! The sound is most important and the delays are dark and tape like, but have a real quality and are even repeats. Being able to set a short and a long delay or to just leave one set as a dotted 8th is very nice. I don't have the Amazeo yet but the price is great and via Mike Hs vids on the Ardx20 page, it's very easy to navigate. I'd put this Ardx20 on the top of my list for killer sound, ease of use, great looks and the added bonus of getting programable settings, like a digital delay, but with the warmth of Analog. The Only thing that I'd add or change would be the ability to make the delays trail.

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Outstanding tone; top-shelf boutique delay May 5, 2015
Reviewer: Nathan Ohmart from Edmond, OK United States  
The world of analog delays has gotten pretty crowded in the past few years, but in my opinion the ARDX20 stands out. The repeats are perfect: not too muddy or degraded, but warm with a very natural decay. I love to use it in conjunction with my overdriving amp as a faux-reverb, and it does a great job adding depth to rhythm parts without cluttering the mix. It's also a tremendous lead-line thickener, as the warmth of the repeats keeps even the highest-gain, most scooped tones from being too piercing.

My only gripe:  Obviously I'm not the first to suggest this, but I do wish there were a way to access the modulation without the separate AMAZE0 controller, even if it was just something like an internal trimmer to control mod depth or volume.

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I love it! April 27, 2015
Reviewer: Greg F from Elsworth, ME United States  
I recently sent Mike the following note:

I've been going through a late in life case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, shuffled pedals on and off my board almost as fast as I got them; but then my number came up a for a blew me away. I was so impressed that I picked up an ARDX20 a couple days later, and that amazed me much so that I ordered an Amazeo. A bit of dialing in, and I was in tone nirvana.

I'm 57 years old; I have some of the usual aches and pains that go with my age, including a bit of arthritis in my hands that makes playing difficult some days...but when I plug in your pedals, I forget my hands hurt, forget whatever is stressing me out, and just enjoy making music; thanks for making that possible. My hands and finances willing, I intend to get at a couple more of your pedals in the months ahead, and they, like the KOT and ARDX20, are not leaving my pedalboard as long as I can play.

Great, great gear. I can't speak highly enough for it!

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ARDX20 used by a pro December 19, 2012
Reviewer: Mike  

First, a little background on me: Professional touring and studio guitarist. I spend several months a year on the road touring all over the world and play/write music for tv, movies, records, etc. when I'm home in LA. Doesn't really matter, other than to give some insight into my experience or point of view, which may or may not matter, haha.

I'm a bit of a pedal nut and definitely am a delay nut. My main touring board usually has two delays. My most recent set up had a Strymon Brigadier and an MXR Carbon Copy. My all time favorite delay is an old school DMM, but they're fidgety, unreliable, and HUGE. I love the modulation on a DMM and love the gooey thickness of the tone, though sometimes its a touch dark/muddy.

I recently acquired an ARDX20 and the Amaze0. Spent a few days running it through the paces and I'm VERY impressed. It sounds fantastic. Very warm, very thick, and it blends with the sound of the guitar really well. My Strymon, and many of the other pedals I've tried tend to sound separate from the guitar. Sort of disassociated from the main guitar signal. The ARDX has that oneness with the sound like a DMM. Hard to explain, but if you've tried a DMM you know what I mean.

The tone is a little bit clearer and brighter than a DMM, but in a really good way. It is just a tiny bit less murky and it doesn't create a mudfest when used and/or abused. Even with a semi-hollow on the neck and a big thick tone it still doesn't get out of hand.

The amazeo is great, too. The tap tempo works as it should, imo. The Strymon never seemed to get the tempo I was tapping right. The AmazeO averages more than 2 taps in, which is great, and it seems really accurate to what I'm tapping. The modulation is really great too. DMMish, but it works at every setting without being super weird. The preset functionality works really well, too.

Right now I have it set so the top delay is a slapback, which sounds great, and the bottom delay is set with the Amaze0. I know there's a mod the make it affect the top delay, and I may try that, but I love the slapback so I might just leave it as is.

As others have surely pointed out, it is a bit big on the pedalboard, but since its two separate boxes it is a lot more flexible to position than other solutions. The Amazeo is super tiny and can kind of go anywhere. I also like that it runs on regular 9v power. It is worth the size for the sound and flexibility. I may venture down the road of using expression pedals and whatnot, but that might require a bigger pedalboard, haha!

I give this a big thumbs up and kudos to Mike for finally making a tap tempo analog delay that sounds great and is easy to use. I've tried them ALL, and this one is a keeper.


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