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RCA Trannies July 26, 2018
Reviewer: Ben Spinks from Maentwrog, Gwynedd United Kingdom  
Best fuzz I’ve ever owned.  The RCA transistors are the perfect combination of growl and definition.  Couldn’t be happier.

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NKT Red Dot May 24, 2018
Reviewer: Ben Lord from Reading, Berkshire United Kingdom  
I've been playing for around 30 years and never owned a fuzz until now. I got a red dot NTK with everything apart from a DC jack

I'm really impressed with this thing, it's almost like a living organism :D The response to the volume control is remarkable, and has prompted me to grab a linear taper vol pot for my Strat for more control near the top of the range.

I can get anything from sparkly verge-of breakup type tones all the way to huge fat verge-of-destruction type tones :)

The next pedal in my chain is a Boss GE-7 and with a little scoop on the EQ I can conjure seething fizzy Muff type tones too.

The LED was needed for me to see what's on and what's not at a glance, but even though batteries last 4x longer without one, they're so cheap I figured it was worth having. I guess I can always wire in a little series switch in the case if I want to take it out of the equation.

Mike, thanks buddy, this is another "pry it from my cold dead hands" type pedal like my Cali76TX.

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AM 2N527 April 6, 2018
Reviewer: Bob Straatman from Barendrecht , Zuid-Holland Netherlands  
I have owned a couple fuzz pedals but this thing is better than most of them. Awesome sounds and great build quality. Well appreciated.

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Fuzz Without Peer: 2N Standard Sun Face April 2, 2018
Reviewer: Aaron Nickell from Aberdeen, WA United States  
Exemplary build and performance: the Sun Face 2N is the best fuzz pedal I have ever played.

It performs well with my AC30, Blues Junior, and 5150. It's thick and creamy with my Les Paul and really shines with my DuoJet. Run the pedal at full fuzz, use your guitar's volume knob, and adjust the Sun Dial bias trimmer to get Gilmour, Neil Young, Melvins, Clapton, Bonamossa, and everything in between.

I enjoy my Sun Face with a 9V battery, though the DC power jack comes in handy for emergencies. The 2N has gain to spare. Bias knob to the left, it sputters like a neglected Chevy; full right, it performs like a thick overdrive. I like it in the middle: it has quite a bit of midrange honk that makes single note runs vocal and far too much fun.

Having a buffer in the same chain detracts from the harmonics, "chewiness," and overall character of the fuzz.

Thanks Mike and team for a world-class fuzz pedal. Will be back for silicon soon.

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Sun Face BC 108 March 19, 2018
Reviewer: Seth Affoumado from San Rafael, CA United States  
I kept hearing about this fabulous pedal and had not tried one, until...I finally did and I'm really happy with the true creamy fuzzy tone that cleans up well! It's a killer! Thanks Mike!

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Great Fuzz! March 18, 2018
Reviewer: Jakub  
I got red dot NKT and a BC183 sunfaces - they are both excellent in every aspect. Also different enough for me to have both.

I use germanium NKT for less fuzzy tones on the edge of breakup and BC183 one for more aggressive fuzz. They nail classic fuzz tones which i like.

A fuzz pot with built-in on/off switch is a neat addition if you want to put sunface on a pedalboard (difficult to disconnect input to save battery) and still be able to use battery power.


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SN527 Sun Face March 10, 2018
Reviewer: David from NC United States  
Have been looking (actually listening) for that sound. Clean, but on the edge of breakup when playing with a lighter attack - then dirt and harmonics when you really dig in. This is the that sound,

This pedal becomes an extension of my guitar - cleans up when I back off the volume  and sensitive to attack. I have other dirt pedals, but none that match the dynamics of the Sun Face.

Do yourself a favor. Go to YouTube and watch the “That Pedal Show” episode on The Sun Face fuzzes. If you hear one you like, don’t hesitate. Order it. You’ll be glad you did. I recommend the SN527, of course.

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BC183 Silicon Fuzz February 17, 2018
Reviewer: Scott D from montreal, QC Canada  
I love this pedal. For me, this one gets the closet to the Eric Johnson style fuzz tones, a little dark and woody, and fantastic. This could easily be the only fuzz you would ever need if Mike did not also make the great Astro Fuzz. Mike's fuzzes are the best that I've tried and I've tried quite a few. It's always a pleasure to play through Mike's pedals, there's nothing pedal for loud live gigs.

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NKT 275 WD January 10, 2018
Reviewer: André Fugissawa from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil  
In a nutshell: It´s a kidney punch in your ears. In a good way, of course. Go get one!

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Down the rabbit hole. November 26, 2017
Reviewer: Eric LC from Portland, OR United States  
Well, another extraordinary work of craftsmanship from the makers at Analog Man. Trusting my intuition, I opted for a Sunface with Mullard transistors, a sundial, and the on/off fuzz knob… simply put, these turned out to be wise choices. This pedal's entire range is brilliant and revealing—and that’s before I stacked it with the Beano Boost (playing guitar and lap steel). Still deciding whether I prefer one before or after the other, but bottom line, it's all very, very good.

(Update!) There are a few sounds on the digital Mellotron that I'd never considered using... until incorporating the Sunface. Like, the Acoustic Harpsichord... really? Oh, yes. Some sounds seem to transcend the pedal's fuzziness and are imbued with such warmth and body. Wow, just wow.

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