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Scott Henderson with my tube screamer

Scott Henderson (pictured at left, Tribal Tech, Chick Corea, etc), Jeff Pevar (CPR, Graham Nash, Jazz is Dead, etc etc), Sid McGinnis (David Letterman band, Peter Gabriel, Jim Weider band, etc), are using the DS-1/Pro. Also Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizons) likes all the available tones on his DS-1/PRO, he thought it was unuseable to him before the mods. Wayne Krantz from NYC is using our BD-2/super. Stevie D. is using the SD-1/808/Silver with Buck Cherry, was playing with Automatic Black when he got it back in 2004. Jason Roberts is using our SD1/808 with push pull with Ben Kweller and HYMNS. Live and recording, Jason is using just a good Fender tube amp and the SD1/808/Pushpull.