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AM Mod Form   Modify Your Pedal
MutronIIIDzus   Mutron-III Fastener for battery compartment
MXR-Carbon-CopyM169   MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR-Carbon-Copy-BrightM269SE   MXR Carbon Copy Bright Analog Delay M269SE
MXR-Carbon-Copy-DeluxeM292   MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay
MXR-CAE-MC403   MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC403 Power System
MXR-Phase901974   MXR Orange Handwired 1974 Vintage Phase 90 phaser Pedal CSP-026
MXR-Phase45vintage   MXR Orange Handwired 1975 Vintage Phase 45 phaser Pedal CSP-105
MXR-Phase95   MXR Phase 95 phaser Pedal M290
MXR-Dynacomp1976   MXR Red Handwired 1976 Vintage Dynacomp compressor Pedal CSP-028
MXR-Phase90Dunlop   MXR Standard Phase 90 phaser Pedal M-101
ecb131   MXR style Rubber Pedal Knob Cover by Dunlop
MXR-TalkBox-M222   MXR Talk Box M222
MXRTapTempoM199   MXR Tap Tempo Switch M199
P3PowerStation   P3 Phantom Pedal Power Station
P3PowerSupplies   P3 Phantom Pedal Power System
P3PowerChain   P3 Power Chain Cables
BottomPlate   Pedal bottom plate
Pedaltrain 2 Hard Case   Pedaltrain 2 Hard Case Pedalboard - discontinued
Pedaltrain3HC   Pedaltrain 3 Hard Case Pedalboard - discontinued
Pedaltrain3SC   Pedaltrain 3 Soft Case Pedalboard - discontinued
PedaltrainClassic2HC   Pedaltrain Classic 2 Pedalboard with hard Tour Case PT-CL2-TC
Pedaltrain 2 Soft Case   Pedaltrain Classic 2 Soft Case Pedalboard PT-CL2-SC
Pedaltrain Jr Soft Case   Pedaltrain Classic Junior Soft Case Pedalboard
Pedaltrain Pro Hard Case   Pedaltrain Classic Pro Hard Case Pedalboard
Pedaltrain Pro Soft Case   Pedaltrain Classic Pro Soft Case Pedalboard PT-CLP-SC
Pedaltrain-FLY-SC   Pedaltrain Fly with Soft Case Pedalboard
Pedaltrain Jr Hard Case   Pedaltrain Junior Hard Case
Pedaltrain-Mini   Pedaltrain Mini Soft Case Pedalboard - discontinued
PedaltrainNovo32SC   Pedaltrain Novo 32 Soft Case Pedalboard
PedaltrainNovo32TC   Pedaltrain Novo 32 Tour Case Pedalboard
PedaltrainBRKT   Pedaltrain power supply mounting bracket kit
Powertrain1250   Pedaltrain Powertrain 1250
PedronePenta-5   Pedrone Penta-5witch Guitar Switcher
StroboStompClassic   Peterson Strobo Stomp Classic Pedal Tuner
Strobostomp-2   Peterson Strobostomp 2 Tuner
Strobostomp   Peterson Strobostomp Original Blue Tuner
Stroboflip   Peterson VS-F StroboFlip Compact Virtual Strobe Tuner
Pig Attack Sustain   Pigtronix ADSR Attack Sustain Pedal
PigtronixAriaXES   Pigtronix Aria XES Disnortion
PigtronixClassABoost   Pigtronix Class A Boost BST
PigtronixPhilosopher   Pigtronix CSD Philosoper's Tone Compressor / Sustainer
PigtronixDualExp   Pigtronix Dual Expression Pedal EXP
PigEcholution2DeluxeE2D   Pigtronix E2D Echolution 2 deluxe delay pedal
Pig EP-1   Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope Phaser
PigtronixEP2   Pigtronix EP2 Envelope Phaser
PigtronixFAT   Pigtronix FAT Drive
PigtronixInfinitySPL   Pigtronix Infinity Looper Pedal SPL
PigtronixKeymaster   Pigtronix Keymaster Reamp / FX mixer REM
PigtronixMothership   Pigtronix MGS Mothership Analog Synthesizer
Pig Disnortion   Pigtronix OFO Disnortion Overdrive Fuzz Pedal
Pig Echolution   Pigtronix PHI Echolution Dual Delay Pedal
PigtronixPhiloKing   Pigtronix Philosopher King Compressor / Sustainer / Distortion ECG
PigtronixPhiloRock   Pigtronix Philosopher’s Rock Compressor Sustainer with Distortion ROK
PigPower   Pigtronix Power Multi-Isolated Power Supply
Pig PolySaturator   Pigtronix PSO PolySaturator Multi-Stage Distortion Pedal
PigtronixTremvelope   Pigtronix Tremvelope EMT Envelope Modulated Tremolo
PowerGrip   Power Grip pedal attachment material
PowerAllDaisy   Power-All 5-connector Power Daisy Chain Cable
1Spot10footExtension   Power-All C-M-10 Power Cable Extension, 10 foot long
PowerallFem2Fem   Power-All CABLE - Female barrel plug to Female barrel plug
PowerallBatterySnapJumper   Power-All CABLE - GREY BATTERY SNAP JUMPER
1SpotPigtail   Power-All Cable Blue Pigtail adaptor for 3.5mm 1/8" power jacks
PowerAllCableBlackExtension   Power-All Extension Power Cable
Power-AllGroundHoundGH-1   Power-All Ground Hound Ground Isolator GH-1
Power-AllIso-PumpIP-1   Power-All Iso-Pump Voltage Converter IP-1
PowerAllUTA-1   Power-All Universal Travel Adaptor Kit
AM-Y-Cable   Power-All Y Power Cable
AMPOT   Prince of Tone overdrive
ProphecysoundPi-Phasemk2   Prophecysound Pi-Phase mk2 dual phase shifter
EH Pulsar   Pulsar - DISCONTINUED in 2007
ReticonR5106   Reticon R5106 Bucket Brigade chip
RMC-JWSW   RMC JWSW Joe Walsh Signature Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC-1   RMC RMC1 Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC2   RMC RMC2 Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese.
RMC2FL   RMC RMC2FL Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese.
RMC3   RMC RMC3 Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC3FL   RMC RMC3FL Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC6FL-Wheels-Of-Fire   RMC RMC6FL Wheels Of Fire Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC Wizard Wah   RMC Wizard Wah RMC5 Wah-Wah pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC10   RMC10 Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC Picture Wah   RMC4 Picture Wah Wah-Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC8   RMC8 Guitar Eqwahlyzer Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
RMC9   RMC9 Bass Guitar Eqwahlyzer Wah Pedal by Geoffrey Teese
Roland-RAD-50   Roland RAD-50 Rackmount Adapter
Space-Echo-RT1L   Roland type Space Echo RT1L small tapes
Grolsch   Rubber washer for under pedal knobs, or strap lock
RushPepBox   Rush PepBox Fuzz Pedal
Sarno Steel Guitar Black Box   Sarno Steel Guitar Black Box Buffer Preamp Pedal
AM Shipping   Shipping Charges for a separate order
SiliconFuzzFaceMiniFFM1   Silicon Fuzz Face Mini Distortion FFM1
SommerGrindyCopBeast   Sommer GrindyCop Beast Guitar Cable
StereoPatchCord1.5   Stereo Patch Cord 1.5 feet colors
StereoPatchCord15   Stereo Patch Cord 15 feet
StereoPatchCord3feet   Stereo Patch Cord 3 feet colors straight or black angled
StereoPatchCord6   Stereo Patch Cord 6 feet
Supro1624T   Supro USA 1624T Dual-Tone combo 1x12 Amplifier
SS Mojo Vibe   Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe
SS-UltraVibe-II   Sweet Sound UltraVibe-II
SS MoFaux Vibe   Sweetsound MoFaux Vibe
SS-Pi-Face   Sweetsound Pi Face
SS-Pro-Bender   Sweetsound Pro Bender
T-Rex-Bass-Juice   T-Rex Bass Juice Bass Distortion Pedal
T-Rex-Bloody-Mary   T-Rex Bloody Mary Distortion Pedal
T-RexFuelTankChameleon   T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power Supply
T-Rex Fuel Tank   T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic Power Supply
T-Rex-Juicy-Lucy   T-Rex Fuel Tank Juicy Lucy Power Supply
T-Rex-Fuel-Tank-Junior   T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior Power Supply
T-RexPowerTool9   T-Rex Power Tool 9 Universal Power Supply
T-Rex-Replica   T-Rex Replica Delay Pedal
T-Rex-Reptile   T-Rex Reptile Delay Pedal
T-Rex Room Mate   T-Rex Room Mate Tube Reverb Pedal
T-Rex Squeezer   T-Rex Squeezer Tube Driven Compressor
T-RexTONEBUGReverb   T-Rex TONEBUG Reverb Pedal
T-Rex Tremster   T-Rex Tremster Tremolo Pedal
T-Rex Twin Boost   T-Rex Twin Boost Booster Pedal
ArtStompboxDVD   The Art of the Stompbox DVD
Thegigrig-VB-BC   The GigRig Virtual Battery VB-BC Power Supply
Thegigrig-VB-DC   The GigRig Virtual Battery VB-DC Power Supply
TheGigRigDistributor   TheGigRig Distributor
TheGigRigG2   TheGigRig G2 pedal switching system with Generator
ThegigrigGenerator   TheGigRig Generator Power Supply
TheGigRig-Humdinger   TheGigRig HumDinger Isolater buffer pedal
TheGigRigIsolator614   TheGigRig Isolator
TheGigRig-MIDI8   TheGigRig MIDI8 effects pedal switching system
TheGigRig-Wet-Box-Exp   TheGigRig Wet Box - EXPRESSION PEDAL
TheGigRig-Wet-Box   TheGigRig Wet Box Effects Loop Pedal
TWALittleDipper   TWA Little Dipper LD-02 Envelope-Controlled Formant Filter
UniVibeEXP   Uni-Vibe Vintage Style Expression Pedal
UnivoxTape   Univox EC80 EC100 echo tapes
VanAmps-PS   Van Amps reverb or old Black Cat 12vAC Barrel Power Supply
VanAmpsReverbamate   Van Amps Reverbamate (Not Sole Mate) Reverb Pedal
VanAmpsSole-MateJr   VanAmps Sole-Mate Jr Reverb Pedal
Sole-Mate by VanAmps   VanAmps Sole-Mate Reverb Pedal
Voodoo-GCX-Guitar-Audio-Switch   Voodoo GCX Guitar Audio Switcher Pedal
Voodoo Lab Amp Selector   Voodoo Lab Amp Selector Pedal
voodooPTBKT   Voodoo Lab Brackets for Pedaltrain
Voodoo Lab Commander   Voodoo Lab Commander Switcher Pedal
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro   Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI Foot Controller Pedal
Voodoo-Lab-Pedalpower4x4   Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4
VoodooLabPedalpowerDigital   Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital power supply
VoodooPPISO5   Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5
Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher   Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher
VoodooLab-Pedalpower-Mondo   Voodoo Lab Pedalpower Mondo Power Supply
Voodoo-Lab-PPAY   Voodoo Lab Voltage Doubler Adapter Y cable - PPAY
Voodoo-Lab-PPAV   Voodoo Lab Y cable output splitter adaptor - ground Lifted PPAV
VL-PPMIN-R   Voodoo Labs 1/8" Male End Cable PPMIN-R
Voodoo Labs 18Volt Y-cable   Voodoo Labs 18Volt DC Y-cable PPY
Voodoo Labs 24Volt Y-cable   Voodoo Labs 24Volt DC E-H Y-cable PPEH24
VoodooLabsBatteryClipCable   Voodoo Labs Battery Clip Cable PPBAT
VoodooLabsLine6Cable   Voodoo Labs Line6 type RED Reverse Polarity 18" Cable PPL6
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus   Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus Power Supply
Voodoo-Labs-Pedalpower-AC   Voodoo Labs Pedalpower AC Power Supply
VoodooLabsRPolCable   Voodoo Labs Reverse Polarity WHITE 18" Cable PPREV-R
Voodoo Labs 19in. Cable   Voodoo Labs Standard 18" Cable PPBAR
Voodoo Labs 36in. Cable   Voodoo Labs Standard 36" Cable PPBAR-RS36
VoodooWahzoo   Voodoo Labs Wahzoo Wah Pedal
VoxV846HW   Vox Handwired V846-HW Wah Pedal
VoxJamVox   Vox JamVox - Jam and Practice Tool for Guitar
VoxBigBadWah   Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad dual Wah Pedal
VoxSatchurator   VOX Joe Satriani Satchurator Distortion Pedal
VoxTimeMachine   Vox Time Machine Digital Delay
VoxUkelectric   Vox Ukelectric electric ukulele
VoxTonelabST   Vox Valvetronix Tonelab ST Modeling Pedal
VOX-VCC   VOX VCC Vintage Coiled Cable
Warwick-Gigboard-23100   Warwick Gigboard 23100 Pedalboard
Warwick Patch Cables   Warwick Patch Cables
Warwick RockCable 6meter(18ft)   Warwick Rock Cable 6meter(18ft)
Warwick RockCable 9meter(27ft)   Warwick Rock Cable 9meter(27ft)
Warwick-RockBag-RB23000B   Warwick RockBag RB23010B Cable and accessories Bag
Warwick RockCase RC23000   Warwick RockCase RC23000 Pedalboard
Warwick RockCase RC23010   Warwick RockCase RC23010 Pedalboard
WayHugeAngryTroll   Way Huge Angry Troll Linear Boost Amplifier and Distortion Pedal
WayHugeAqua-Puss   Way Huge Aqua-Puss WHE-701 MK-II Analog Delay Pedal
WayHugeCamelToe   Way Huge Camel Toe Triple Overdrive MKII WHE209 Pedal
WayHugeEcho-Puss   Way Huge Echo-Puss WHE-702S Analog Delay Pedal
WayHugeFatSandwich   Way Huge Fat Sandwich WHE-301 Distortion Pedal
WayHugeDrive   Way Huge Green Drive WHE-302GR pedal
WayHugeGreenRhino   Way Huge Green Rhino MK-II WHE-202 overdrive pedal
WayHugePorkLoin   Way Huge Pork Loin WHE-201 Overdrive Pedal
WayHugePurplePlatypus   Way Huge Purple Platypus MkII Octidrive Guitar Pedal WHE800
WayHugeSmallAquaPussWM71   Way Huge Smalls Aqua-Puss Analog Delay MkIII WM71
WayHugeSmallRussianPickle   Way Huge Smalls Russian-Pickle Fuzz WM42
WayHugeSupa-Puss   Way Huge SUPA PUSS WHE707 Analog Delay Pedal
WayHugeSwollenPickle   Way Huge Swollen Pickle WHE-401 Fuzz Pedal
AMPedalBox   White folded Pedal Box and SWAG for an Analog Man pedal
Xotic AC Booster   Xotic AC Booster Boost Pedal
Xotic AC Plus   Xotic AC Plus Booster Pedal
XoticAC-Comp   Xotic AC-Comp AC Booster Comp pedal
XoticBassBBPreamp   Xotic Bass BB Preamp Booster Pedal
Xotic Bass RC Booster   Xotic Bass RC Booster Boost Pedal
Xotic BB Plus   Xotic BB Plus Booster Distortion Pedal
XoticBBPreampAT   Xotic BB Preamp Andy Timmons Signature Model
Xotic BB Preamp   Xotic BB Preamp Booster Distortion Pedal
XoticBBPComp   Xotic BB Preamp COMP Silver Pedal
XoticEPBooster   Xotic EP-Booster boost pedal
Xotic RC Booster   Xotic RC Booster Boost Pedal
XoticRC-SH   Xotic RC-Booster Scott Henderson Pedal
Xotic Robotalk   Xotic Robotalk Reissue Envelope Filter Pedal
Xotic Robotalk w/ power jacks   Xotic Robotalk with power jacks

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