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Many of our pedals are only on a 1-2 week build time right now so get your orders in ;)

If you need something right away email us, we may have something ready to ship out! We are not best at answering the telephone... [email protected]

If you are looking for something specific it is easiest to find stuff on our site by using the search box at the top of the page - thanks!

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AnalogMan is the place to go for everything between your guitar and amp!

AnalogMan is not your normal pedal company. We don't like marketing or mass-production. We like to keep everything small and under control, and make things ourselves, built-to-order, to YOUR specs, with only the very best parts, many of which are no longer available. Most other companies our size now simply screw circuit boards that a factory assembles for them with robots into their cases, and calls them 'handmade'. We still make them completely by hand like Mike did in the '90s when he started AnalogMan, which allows any
good tech to fix our pedals. Analog.Man pedals are usually a good investment, often selling as used pedals for more than new, with discontinued pedals often going for several times the original price.

We like to treat each customer as a prospective friend. We now have friends all over the world with the common interest of guitars and effects. No huge magazine ads - referrals are the best ads, and we get plenty of repeat business from our good customers. Once you get something from us, we will do our best to keep you coming back for more. Many players have bought almost every pedal we make (plus many more that we sell). We don't boast how great our service is, we prefer to let you tell us. Of course any product can have problems, let us know if yours does and we will do what we can to repair it or make it right.

Check the links at the top to find the products we sell. You may be directed to our original website http://www.analogman.com for some information. We will leave that website running for now, it has a lot of great information but this website makes ordering much easier. On this website you can order several items and options and it combines them for simple checkout and combined shipping. Actual live USPS email rates are given to you after you check out, before you pay.

NON USA ORDERS: You will probably have to use PayPal, as your bank probably does not have address verification (AVS). Sorry, we can not accept a credit card without AVS, as there is no way for us to tell if the card number was stolen. Please complain to your bank, tell them they should have verification so online orders can be placed safely.

Have fun!