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Box of Metal - painted Box of Metal - Vexter Box of Metal - USA Vexter
Box of Rock Distortron Drip Guitar
Double Rock Fat Fuzz Factory Fat Fuzz Factory Vexter
Fuzz Factory Fuzz Factory Vexter Fuzz Probe Vexter Series
Fuzz Probe iMP AMP Instant Lo-Fi Junky Hand-painted
Instant Lo-Fi Junky Vexter Inventobox Jonny Octave
Lo-Fi Loop Junky Mastotron Machine
Nano Head Octane 3 Ooh Wah 2
Power Plates Ringtone Seek Wah
Seek Trem Super Duper 2-in-1 Super Duper Vexter series
Super Hard On Vexter series Super Hard On Tremolo Probe
Tremorama Volume Probe Wah Probe
Wah Probe Vexter series Woolly Mammoth Bass Fuzz

Z.Vex makes some of the most unique and interesting effects ever made. They are hand made and painted in Minneapolis, MN by Zachary Vex and his analog elves. They have been reviewed in Vintage Guitar magazine 1/97, Guitar World 5 and 12/97, Keyboard 12/97, Guitar Player 5,6 and 11/97, Guitar Shop 5/97, and Harmony central reviews. Now you should GET ONE! before economics could force Zachary to have them mass produced and they would lose their soul. All have super low current flow (battery lasts forever, at least a few years), hand built and painted (cool graphics!), and major MOJO. The circuit boards are machine milled rather than chemically etched, eliminating any pollutants in that process. The Ozone layer thanks Z.Vex!