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DOD Overdrive Preamp/250 (2013) DOD Phasor 201 (2013) Digitech The Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal
DOD Phasor 201 (2013)
List Price: $149.95
Our Price: $99.95
You save $50.00!
Digitech The Drop Polyphonic Drop Tune Pedal
List Price: $279.95
Our Price: $179.95
You save $100.00!
The legendary analog DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 is back, with over 40
years of history and experience behind it. The new 2013 version of the
legendary DOD 250 captures all of the classic tone and wild heart of the
original but in no way tames its performance.
One of the first phaser effect pedals ever made, the original DOD
Phasor 201, blazed the trail for all phaser pedals after it. The new DOD
Phasor 201 (2013) brings the classic analog phaser effect driven by 40+
years of tone creating experience.
Analog Man carries the DigiTech� Drop, a dedicated polyphonic drop tune pedal that allows
you to drop your tuning from one semitone all the way down to a full
octave. Get down-tuned chunk without having to change guitars! The Drop
also features a momentary/latching switch. With the switch set to
momentary, you can turn the Drop into a true performance pedal. Fast
trills and roller-coaster pitch dips are at the tip of your toes.
Digitech Whammy IV Digitech Whammy 5 Digitech Whammy DT
Digitech Whammy IV
List Price: $249.00
Our Price: $199.00
You save $50.00!
Digitech Whammy 5th generation
List Price: $299.95
Our Price: $199.95
You save $100.00!
Digitech Whammy DT
List Price: $449.00
Our Price: $299.95
You save $149.05!
Analog Man carries the Digitech Whammy IV pedal.  It�s been over a decade since the Whammy was introduced and now it has a permanent place on many professionals' pedalboards. Take your guitar's sound and pitch shift it using a special algorithm, then control that pitch with an expression pedal. Analog Man carries the new Digitech Whammy 5th generation pedal.  This new model does the classic whammy sounds and also has a POLYPHONIC mode and true bypass! Sorry! Analog Man no longer carries the Digitech Whammy DT pedal. It was new for 2011 DT model does easy drop tuning and is POLYPHONIC!