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Comprossor Specs

Here are some specs from the original Ross. Ours should be the same except when setting the ATTACK control you will change some (attack time, etc). REV4-5 have much better output impedance too.

Input Impedance 500K Ohms
Output Impedance rev3 drives 50K ohms or greater load, REV4 or 5 is 10K.
Maximum Input Level 400mV (-8dBV)
Output Level (limiting) Adjustable from 0-200mV, REV5 can get quite a bit louder
Limiting Threshold Adjustable from 4-80 mV
Compression Adjustable from 15-40 dB
Attack Time 4mS at center ATTACK setting
Decay Time 1.2 Sec
EIN (input shorted) -98 dBV
Power requirements 9V DC (not ac!)
Current Draw 1.5mA off, 7mA on