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We make the Comprossor, Juicer, and Bicomprossor guitar effect pedal compressors. I have four pedals that I will talk about below:

  1. CompROSSor: A hand made ross compressor clone. (Two box types are available, both are on the left in this picture).
  2. Juicer: A hand made Dan Armstrong™ Orange Squeezer compressor clone (orange box).
  3. Bi-Comprossor™: The 2 above effects in one box! (middle box with lots of knobs and switches). Also available in the smaller box as the Mini Bicomp.
  4. Dyna/Ross: A reissue MXR™ dynacomp, modified to 100% ross specs. Not the singer from The Supremes.

Ross and Dan Armstrong (RIP) are registered trademarks with no affiliation with analog man, used here only for comparitive purposes.

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Analog Man Juicer Compressor Analog Man Small Comprossor Analog Man Large Comprossor
Analog Man Juicer Compressor pedals
Build time is a couple weeks
Our Price: $169.00
Analog Man Small CompROSSor Compressor Pedal
Build time is a couple weeks
Our Price: $190.00
Analog Man Large CompROSSor Compressor pedal
Build time is a few weeks
Our Price: $225.00
The Analog Man Juicer is an improved, updated clone of the classic Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer, legendary for its smooth compression and "squashing" tone. Analog Man makes the finest guitar compressor pedals including the Small Comprossor. Based on the ROSS compressor, it's upgraded with improved output, not out-of-phase, and added attack and mix controls. Analog Man offers the Large Comprossor. An improved, updated ROSS compressor with hand tested transistors and NOS CA3080E chip. Also includes the ATTACK knob, Mix control, true bypass, LED, and power jack.
Analog Man Bi-Comprossor Analog Man Mini Bi-Comp
Analog Man Bi-CompROSSor Compressor pedal
Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks
Our Price: $285.00
Analog Man Mini Bi-Comp Compressor pedal
Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks
Our Price: $285.00
Analog Man presents - the Bi-Comprossor. Two compressors in one pedal - an Analogman Juicer on one side and a Analogman Comprossor on the other. A MUST HAVE pedal!!! The Analog Man Mini Bicomp has exactly the same features as the BICOMP, just takes less real estate on your pedalboard. Many options, best for power supply use, not battery. Same size as juicer or small compressor.