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Not really, a Uni-Vibe is a specific phase shifter and does not use time delay or sound very good as a high speed leslie. Our chorus pedal does true time-delay based chorusing, by delaying your signal and mixing it back into the original signal. It also varies the delay time slightly (modulates it) at the speed set with the SPEED knob. The sound is not like a univibe's "chorus" sound which is awesome for the Hendrix/Trower sounds but not really chorusing. There is much more info on the differences between a Uni-Vibe and a chorus pedal on my FAQ .

Unlike "digital" Chorus pedals, this pedal sips your battery very gently, using only about 7 milliamps when ON (about 10 for the Stereo version). This is only slightly more current than a tube screamer uses. That means an alkaline battery will last over 70 hours in this pedal. It also means you can share the same power supply with several other analog pedals, as long as the voltage stays over 9V you will be fine.

Most guitar effects are made to run on 9 volts, because 9V batteries are small and popular. But the chips are not really designed for 9V and will run and sound better at higher voltages. We sell an optional 12V adaptor for any of our chorus pedals. Higher voltage will give more clean headroom before distortion, more clarity, and maybe a little deeper chorusing. It is especially beneficial if you run a hot (loud) or distorted signal. These adaptors will also work great on our tube screamer mods (especially the SILVER mod) and older Boss pedals which specify the ACA adaptor. You can use the ACA (12V) output on PedalPower2 for our chorus pedals. The Mono chorus pedals can handle up to 18V. Our chorus pedals with the Stereo Relay switch should not be run at more than 12V or damage to the relay could occur.

  1. True bypass on / off switch, no loss of tone when off.
  2. LED ON/OFF status indicator.
  3. Battery disconnected when INPUT cord removed.
  4. Battery disconnected when POWER CABLE inserted.
  5. Standard Power jack on all models, allows 9V DC BOSS style PSA adaptor (barrel type, 2.1mm x 5.5mm).
  6. 120Vac -> 9vDC Wall-wart Adaptor available for $15 extra.
  7. We also have 12V DC Adaptors available, also $15.
  8. Low current draw - under 10mA when ON!
  9. Depth switch replaced by depth control knob allowing exact settings of depth.
  10. Speed control knob, from low speed to faster than a leslie.
  11. All aNaLoG full chorus, original 1024 stage bucket brigade chip used for high fidelity, organic sound.
  12. Super high quality circuit boards: double sided, highly shielded for low noise.
  13. Sockets used for all chips, for easier replacement in the rare case of a failure.
  14. JRC4558 op amp used, as in the TS-808 mod, in place of generic 4558 chip.
  15. Lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser except for damage caused by misuse or overenthusiastic stomping. And we will do our best to keep them working for any future owners.
  16. Cool silk-screened case with durable powdercoating
  17. Strong, High quality custom aluminum / steel box, only 2 screws to remove to get to battery. Slightly smaller than an MXR phase-100.
  18. Input and output jacks are on the sides, beside the switch. Only the BICHORUS has option for top jacks if you prefer that.
  19. Size : 3.75" (9.5 cm) wide x 4.6" (11.7 cm) length x 2" (5 cm) tall
  20. Internal BIAS trim pot does not need adjustment, factory set. But if you experience distortion, adjust it to the middle of the range in which chorusing is heard and the distortion should stop. Also make sure the battery is fresh for least distortion.
  21. Stereo option! This is the first stereo pedal that was available with true bypass. Normal (top) output on STEREO version is exactly the same sound as the Standard MONO chorus pedal.
  22. Stereo is TRUE STEREO. Each side is heard chorused, not like some pedals with one side dry and one side effected. However, if you record in stereo and later mix it or play it back in mono, the chorus will be lost. This is the same with Boss CE-2, Ibanez CS-9, Arion stereo chorus, and almost all other stereo choruses.