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MXR Orange Handwired 1975 Vintage Phase 45 phaser Pedal CSP-105 DISCONTINUED
MXR Handwired 1975 Vintage Phase 45 Pedal CSP-105

This is the last of the Phase 45's - once our stock is gone they are all gone! - we snagged the last 18 pedals ;) Only available to USA customers, Dunlop's warranty is only valid on stock Dunlop products that we sell in the USA.
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $129.99
You save $39.01!

Availability - time to dispatch:: Currently Unavailable


Add a Power Jack:
Just add a Boss Style power jack $35 [Add $35.00]
Boss Style Power Jack, discounted if you order true bypass mod $15 [Add $15.00]We can add a Boss style power jack. If you get true bypass too, it's cheaper as there is not much extra labor.

Add Depth Option:
Fixed Uni-Vibe setting $free with a bypass mod
Normal Depth $0
Uni-Vibe / P-45 Toggle Switch, $25 with bypass mod [Add $25.00]
Uni-Vibe / P-45 Toggle Switch, $45 without bypass mod [Add $45.00]

Add True Bypass mod:
No True Bypass mod $0
True Bypass - No LED $25 [Add $25.00]
True Bypass - Red LED $35 [Add $35.00]
True Bypass - Yellow LED $35 [Add $35.00]
True Bypass - Green LED $35 [Add $35.00]

Add a Knob:
Add a volume trimpot inside $15 [Add $15.00]
Add volume trimpot inside AND external MIX knob $40 [Add $40.00]
No added knob $0
Guitar cables

Add a CBI Ultimate 15 foot Guitar Cable $26 [Add $26.00]Add a great sounding 15 foot long guitar cable, black with straight metal soldered Neutrik ends.
Optional power supplies

Add a Power Supply:
US 120V 9vDC $15 [Add $15.00]- This is a normal 9V Boss type external power supply/adaptor for USA use with 120V AC wall power.

Add a Power Supply:
Euro 240V $15 [Add $15.00]- this is an external power supply/adaptor for use with 220/240V AC to make 9Vdc for the pedal.

Add a Power Supply:
UK 240V $15 [Add $15.00]- this is an external power supply/adapter for use with UK (3 prong) 220/240V AC to make 9Vdc for the pedal.

Description Extended Information
Analog Man carries the MXR Phase-45 vintage reissue 1975 phase shifter pedal, the rare little brother of the Phase 90. With two stages of phasing, the Phase 45 offers up it�s subtle and musical voice via hand-matched FETs and hand-wired circuit board. Available with Uni-Vibe option, True bypass, LED, MIX, and power jack mods.

These were discontinued, we had enough for a few years and sold them. But some more became available in 2021 so we grabbed them, but they are now sold out, sorry!

Shown above with optional true bypass, LED, power jack, and Uni-Vibe/Phase-45 toggle switch.

Authentic tried-and-true components and hardware such as a Carling switch, CTS pot, and Switchcraft jacks.

A Uni-Vibe is a specific type of phaser, so with some tweaks the Phase-45 can do a decent emulation of the Uni-Vibe tones. We can add a toggle to switch between stock Phase-45 and Uni-Vibe sounds for $25 along with the true bypass option, or $45 without the true bypass option. It will sound like most of the other small 9V Uni-vibe pedals on the market but not exactly like the higher end pedals like the Mojovibe, Ultravibe, etc. See the picture above for where we can mount the switch and put a note in the ORDER COMMENTS area if you have a preference.

A Uni-Vibe is a phaser, so the toggle switch change is a SUBTLE difference in the sweep. P45 mode is a normal balanced sweep, the Uni-Vibe mode has a dual sweep, with the LOWS and HIGHS on two different, alternate sweeps. That's what give the Uni-Vibe it's distinct pulse. But don't expect a huge change in tone. If you want JUST the univibe setting, we can do that at no extra charge along with the bypass mod, just put a note in the ORDER COMMENTS AREA that you want fixed uni-Vibe setting.

We can also add a MIX knob to the phase-45 but it's not really needed to keep your tone pure, as this pedal does not change your tone as much as the Phase-90 or 100. Mix knob will have maximum thick effect at normal 12:00 setting. Turning it up will have less dry sound, more of a vibrato sound, but not as intense due to less blending of wet and dry. Turning it down will reduce the effect. Below is the mix knob, with True Bypass, Power jack, and LED:

In 2017, Marc Ford needed something swirly that did not change his tone like most modulation pedals. I recommended this modified Phase-45 and he put it on his board and toured the world with it for the Magpie Salute with Rich Robinson and Sven Pipien of the Black Crowes.

The MXR CSP105 Vintage '75 Phase 45 pedal reissues the rare little brother of the Phase 90 to exacting specifications. With 2 stages of phasing, the Phase 45 guitar pedal offers up its subtle and musical voice via hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circuit board.

The MXR Phase 45 phaser pedal is equipped with a bypass footswitch and a speed knob. Rotating the speed knob in a clockwise motion results in a faster phase effect, and turning it counterclockwise slows it down. The MXR phaser pedal is powered by a single 9v battery, accessed by removing the stompbox's bottom plate. Texture your tone without overpowering your sound with the limited-edition Vintage '75 Phase 45 phaser pedal.

These sound very cool, sort of have the pulse of a UNI-VIBE... not as swooshy as the phase-90.

MXR Custom Shop CSP105 Vintage '75 Phase 45 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

  • Bypass footswitch
  • Optional true bypass, with or without LED.
  • optional Boss style power jack
  • Speed knob
  • Hand-wired circuit board built with original-spec 1975 components
  • Original high-quality Switchcraft Input/Output jacks and Carling bypass switch
  • Hand-selected FETs, matched to produce deep and rich phasing
  • All-analog circuitry for warm analog tone

MXR Custom Shop CSP105 Vintage '75 Phase 45 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal Specifications:

  • Input impedance: 500 kOhms
  • Output impedance: 5 kOhms
  • Max input level: -5 dBV
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >96 dB
  • Phase shift range: 360 degrees
  • Bypass: hardwire
  • Current draw: < 1 mA
  • Power supply: 9 volt battery

Volume Trimpot Option

Some people notice an apparent volume drop (or some hear a boost) when the Phase-45 is turned ON. It may be even worse with a true bypass mod, as the OFF sound will be totally clear and unchanged from what is seen at the input. We can add a small trimpot on the board so you can set the ON volume where you want it, even a little volume boost if desired.

Note : Mod and option prices are cheaper when you buy the pedal from us, see mod form for prices on sending in your pedal for a mod.

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5 of 5 I love it! Not too much phasing.. just right. September 10, 2020
Reviewer: Matt M from Lancaster, Ohio  
I have a vintage block logo mxr phase 45 I have loved and used for years. It’s my secret weapon when it come to playing Trower or Hendrix even SRV or KWS. It sounds “like” a univibe but is not so extreme. The only problem was it can’t go on a board as it’s battery has to be changed regularly and there was no led either. The Analogman solved that problem and others by taking the script logo reissue adding true bypass a super bright green led and a battery jack! Now my phase 45 can go anywhere and my vintage pedal can stay home with its 9 volt battery in it where it belongs. The tone is flawless and it looks super cool. I regret not getting the univibe setting and toggle switch too. I’ll always have to wonder what that would have sounded like. Still, I’m very pleased with the updated functionality and vintage sounds.

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