General information about shipping for all of the pedals and products we offer:


Time after order to ship:
Most of our pedals are custom built to your specs. Each item's ordering page shows Availability of the product, which has approximate build time, usually a few days to a week or two. Pedals that we don't build usually ship the next business day.

Our website will give you shipping options after you check out, before you pay.
We usually offer USPS (not UPS) First Class (maybe only small items), Priority, and Express mail.Express mail is insured and recommended for orders that ship out of the USA. These methods will often include a shipping time, this is added to the build time (availability).
When we ship your pedal you will receive an email from us with the tracking number. You can also find the status of the pedal (Pending shipment, shipped, etc) and the tracking number on

If you are not in the USA, you may have to pay some fees at your country, we have no control over what your country charges in import taxes and fees. We do not charge or collect fees except sales tax in Connecticut. There is no VAT in the USA, we don't even know what that means. ;)

After we ship, PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF THE PACKAGE with the tracking number every few days or so. We can't do that for you, and if it gets to your country and you don't claim it, it will come back to us and you will need to pay the shipping costs again.

US priority mail is mostly a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION number so does not get much info online until it's delivered. That usually takes 1-3 days from Connecticut to USA addresses. This is the best method for USA orders except small items where first class may be cheaper.

Express mail and overseas will have more info available.

First class mail has some tracking info and can take a few weeks to a few months overseas, so please be patient if you chose first class, try to refrain from asking us status or shipping help as we can't help with first class after we ship. There is no insurance so first class is at your risk, however VERY FEW packages are lost so it is quite safe.

Easiest way to check tracking is to use with the tracking # to go to the site. That will have more info than the tracking info on our site.

The tracking information is not always accurate so don't be too alarmed if it says it was delivered already. But do check with your neighbors and around your yard to check on it.

If you do not receive your order within a few days after our shipping email, please track the package to see if they tried to deliver it. Many countries (Canada, UK, etc) delivery services may not leave a good notice when they attempt delivery if you are not home. If you do not contact them, they may return it to the USA.
Most European countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland use Royal Mail Group's Pan-European parcel delivery company, "General Logistics System" (GLS) for delivery of Global Express Mail´┐Ż (GEM) to Europe.
Germany may be using Deutsche post for delivery now.
Sweden and Finland seem to use their postal service and Finnish post (Posti)
For Norway you can track with

I heard that France now uses chronopost to deliver express mail...they do it very fast and even deliver on Saturday.

Spain is using Postal Express Internacional (EMS).

Now Italy uses SDA to deliver express mail from USA.

UK uses Parcel Force. You can check tracking on Parcel Force with the USPS tracking number at :

Canada uses Purolator and you can find more tracking info at:

Australia seems to use their postal service, but tracking may not work after it gets to Australia unless you remove the spaces from the tracking number.

For more info on what company delivers express mail in your country, check:

So you can check with the delivery company for delivery info.