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Analog Man Juicer Compressor

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Comp Version*:
Mini Juicer, no battery room, no options $0
MXR size with side jacks $0
MXR size with top jacks $0
Plug-in version, plug into the amp
Plug-in version, plug into the guitar

Add a Toggle Switch:
Add 3-position High cut switch, MXR size only $25 [Add $25.00]

Add a Patch Cord:
12" switchcraft soldered pancake type patch cord $17 [Add $17.00]

Add a Patch Cord:
6" switchcraft soldered pancake type patch cord $15 [Add $15.00]

Add On/Off Volume Pot:
On/Off Volume pot, side jacks only, not for MINI $15 [Add $15.00]
Guitar cables

Add a CBI Ultimate 15 foot Guitar Cable $26 [Add $26.00]Add a great sounding 15 foot long guitar cable, black with straight metal soldered Neutrik ends.
Power Cables for your existing multi-power supply

18" Power Cable for PP2 (one straight and one 90 degree end, unless specified in comments) $3.99 [Add $3.99]Does not work with our $15 Boss type power supplies, has 2 male ends for use with multi-outlet supplies like Voodoo Labs, etc

Extra 36" power Cable for PP2 with one 90 degree end $4.99 [Add $4.99]Does not work with our $15 Boss style power supplies, has 2 male ends for use with Voodoo Labs etc
Guitar cables

Add a guitar cable:
Add a CBI Ultimate 10 foot Guitar Cable $25 [Add $25.00]
Pedal Options

Add an active Buffer:
Add buffer for buffered bypass (no battery room) not available on mini $45 [Add $45.00]
Optional power supplies

Add a Power Supply:
US 120V 9vDC $15 [Add $15.00]- This is a normal 9V Boss type external power supply/adaptor for USA use with 120V AC wall power.

Add a Power Supply:
Euro 240V $15 [Add $15.00]- this is an external power supply/adaptor for use with 220/240V AC to make 9Vdc for the pedal.

Add a Power Supply:
UK 240V $15 [Add $15.00]- this is an external power supply/adapter for use with UK (3 prong) 220/240V AC to make 9Vdc for the pedal.

Add a Power Supply:
US 120V 12vDC $18 [Add $18.00]- This USA power supply will give 12V to the pedal instead of 9V, see the pedal description for more info on why you might like this.

Add a knob cover:
Add an MXR style knob cover $2.00 [Add $2.00]- This knob cover fits on the larger of the two versions of MXR style knobs we used to use on our AM pedals. It won't fit the knobs we normally use the last few years (except the POT) but if you choose this option we will put the older style knobs on your pedal. They make it easy to turn the knob with your foot. If you want more than one, you can add them to your shopping cart from the Accessories - Pedal Parts menu.

Add a shirt:

Analog Man Juicer compressors, based on the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer.
Mark Bouras Bicomp demo with a lot of Juicer love.
In 2021 we are now making a MINI JUICER!! Mini case, no battery, no options, same circuit and parts.
We also use the MXR size case if you need top jacks (power jack on either side), battery room, or want the high cut switch. On the left is the old style, middle is MXR size, right side is mini :

New REV5 version in 2016, less noise, same great tone!!!

More info about this pedal is on our COMPRESSOR PAGE

  1. 100% original (not WD reissue) Dan Armstrong O.S. circuit and sound.
  2. Power jack now standard, no more noise with cheap power supplies.
  3. True Bypass with 3PDT switch
  4. Standard bright LED
  5. NOS Fairchild 2N5457 transistors and germanium diode, and JRC4558 chip
  6. Expensive high quality Matsushita/Panasonic capacitors and tantalum caps as on the originals.
  7. Awesome as a stacking pedal into OD or Distortion pedals.
  8. RE'AN UK jacks for best noise isolation and operation.
  9. Durable Orange Powder-Coated finish with Orange peel texture in 2003!
  10. original size 2.5" x 4.75" x 1.5", or MXR size 2.25" x 4.25" x 1.25", not including jacks, switch, etc
  11. Mini size 1 3/8" wide, 3 1/2" long, and 1 1/4" tall, not including jacks, switch, etc.
  12. One knob, external volume knob (original orange squeezer had a volume trim pot inside)
  13. About 8 dB of gain available at factory BIAS setting.
  14. The Bias trim pot is inside, as it does not need adjustment once it is set right.
  15. Optional HIGH CUT toggle for normal, dark, or very dark. Great on bass but usually too dark for normal guitar tones.
  16. optional ON/OFF volume pot for larger version, to disconnect battery without having to unplug the input jack. Only available with side jacks.

Also see the bottom of this page for some customer reviews of the Juicer.


In 2023 we started building our Juicer in old WD Orange Squeezer cases. THese can plug into your amp or guitar, if the jack is flat and has room. We added a true bypass ON/OFF toggle, and a volume knob. The original and WD had volume internal on a trimpot. You can change from guitar to amp plug by swapping the 2 wires in the middle of the toggle switch.The high cut toggle and on/off volume pot will not fit this version.Here is more info on the plug-in Juicer.


Here is a comparison of a Skynyrd lick on the Strat by Roger Filgate:
Juicer vs Comprossor.

Here are two more comparison clips of the Juicer and Comprossor. Bill Hullett, one of the great Tele players in Nashville, recorded this through a tweed deluxe.
Juicer vs Comprossor. Thanks, Bill!!!

billyjuice.mp3 Here are Some funky JUICER sounds on a strat (Roger Filgate).

Here are some samples from Guestroom Project .
This one is Time Part 1 a clean guitar with juicer. There are more samples of songs with our Juicer and TS9/808 mods on their website, like Traffic (uses our brown mods and juicer on twin leads), Fix uses these also, and Time Part II at about 3:50 has a good lead sound with these 2 pedals.

Here is a clip by Rogers Stevens of Blind Melon from their 2007 album. He is playing his Nash Strat with Rio Grande pickups through our Mini Bicomp into a Blockhead amp. He did one take with each side of the pedal for a cool sound of both of our comps together! He said it was convenient and took only about five minutes!
Bicomp Double Solo
Thanks Rogers!

Here is a youtube video of Brad Rice from Keith Urban's band playing with Tift Merritt live from Austin, TX. He's playing our JUICER pedal for some tasty slide work and a nice solo towards the end, if you are not too distracted by Tift to notice.

Here is another clip from Doug Doppler which will be on his GET KILLER TONE dvd series.
The Tele and '59 Bassman reissue with the JUICER : 70's. Doug says, Again, we're on the bridge position of the tele, but the amp and the compressor make this a really useful sound in the studio. Think John Lennon and Mott the Hoople.

Comprossor vs Juicer, and Mark Knopfler tone

This is an excellent video about getting the Sultans of Swing tone and he shows both sides of the mini bicomp with some excellent playing and explanation.

Juicer on Bass

Tony Levin and many bass players use the juicer as their secret weapon. Here is a video showing the normal Juicer sound on bass plus our high cut option which can be useful for some music.The high cut is not needed for guitar, usually too dark for normal tones.

Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 9 Write a review.

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Juicer...perfect! April 25, 2023
Reviewer: Brian from Oregon  
Got this small box version a few years ago at the suggestion of Mike trying to decide on a compressor, wanted something simple and not too much just enough to enhance the tone and get some subtle compression and it has been perfect for me and the one pedal that never leaves the chain. Depending on where you put it before or after the drive and how much you dial in you can get some very sweet tonal benefits with it besides that nice bit of compression...love this pedal!

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Best Bass Comp May 12, 2022
Reviewer: Samuel from Pittsfield, MA  
When I replaced my Dyna Comp with my Juicer, I thought, surely nothing could squeeze, push the front end of my bass amp, and sound good without being noisy.
I was wrong.
The Juicer is the perfect blend of compression (I keep my trimpot just slightly to the right of the stock setting), boost (I usually go full bore into the front of my Hartke LX5500), and silence.
There is little-to-no noise difference between on-and-off.
This is not a terribly transparent compressor... you can feel the squeeze if you want to. And I do. Especially for consistency live on stage with bass.  But it loses nothing in tone, and adds nothing in noise. Just gain and compression.
Sick of noisy vice grips and super transparent "barely there" compressors?
Get yourself a Juicer!!!!
A perfect compressor for a gigging bassist.

Bassist, Mr. Doubtfire

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 My basses just got “Juiced” March 16, 2022
Reviewer: Lewis Orenstein from Montreal Quebec  
Finally this is it. Received my Juicer a few days back & had time to run it through my selection of vintage modern PBasses & Jazz Bass. So this like set it & forget it,  tried a bit less juice & a bit more juice with easy trim pot adjustment. Factory spec, is where it’s at. Beautifully constructed pedal in & out. Thanks for this fabulous pedal, Mike!  When life throws your tone lemons, an oranger “Juicer” gonna fix that

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Perfection! September 3, 2018
Reviewer: Mr. Phil from South Carolina, United States  
The best thing I could say about any effects pedal is....  when you plug it in to your board, and step on the switch.... it gives you exactly the sound you expected - the sound you heard in your head when you ordered it. The Juicer does that. It gives you that beautiful Orange Squeezer tone. If that's what you're looking for, this pedal is nothing short of perfection.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Juicer = standard equipment February 15, 2015
Reviewer: Mike Brando  
In my opinion, the hands-down best sounding compressor for electric bass.

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