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Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz pedal
Sun Face Pedal
Sun Face

Our Price: $185.00

Availability - time to dispatch:: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: AM-SUN-FACE


Jack Location and options*:

Add a Patch Cord:
12" switchcraft soldered pancake type patch cord $18 [Add $18.00]

Add a Patch Cord:
6" switchcraft soldered pancake type patch cord $15 [Add $15.00]

Transistor Options:
Hybrid Germanium LOW GAIN RCA/NKT $25 [Add $25.00]Same as Hybrid RCA/NKT but lower gain so cleaner, and not as much fuzz. The NKT's are Red Dot. We have more of these so price is lower.
Hybrid Germanium medium gain RCA/NKT $55 [Add $55.00]We can do a combination RCA first transistor and NKT RED dot second transistor. This gives the great warm NKT tones but brighter and more cut than all NKT, and not as temperature sensitive.
Low Gain vintage germaniums, cleans up great $0These will clean up very well when you back your volume down, like the NKT275 that we used to sell. They still get a good amount of fuzz and are low noise.
RCA germanium Higher Gain $10 [Add $10.00]These are the same RCA transistors, but higher gain, a bit brighter and fuzzier.
RCA germanium LOW GAIN transistors $0- Low Gain RCA are a bit less bright and clean up better.
RCA germanium SUPER HIGH (like silicon) Gain $10 [Add $10.00]Temperature stable and fuzzy like silicon, but warm and clean up quite well.
RCA medium gain germanium 1960s USA transistors $10 [Add $10.00]Nice old germaniums, a bit brighter with more cut than NKT, with excellent cleanup. Also very stable at various temperatures.
Red Dot NKT brand transistors, low gain $25 [Add $25.00]These are the same red dot NKT, but they tested out at lower gain.
Red Dot NKT brand transistors, medium low gain $55 [Add $55.00]These are definitely made at the Newmarket factory. They look and sound identical to the old red dot NKT275 we used to have, but have a different part number on them after the "NKT", probably a house number for a specific customer. Some test at higher gains but they are all the same parts.
Silicon BC109A $0A is the lowest gain of the Silicon transistors, but still higher than most germaniums (about 200 HFE). B is about 300 and C is about 400.
Silicon Philips BC109B $0Philips transistors were used in some early 70's Fuzz Face pedals. B is lower gain than C, you can run the fuzz knob up full with no issues.
Standard Germanium 2N USA made, nice cut, medium high gain, $10 [Add $10.00]
Standard Germanium 2SB171 low gain Japanese - super smooth, good cleanup $10 [Add $10.00]
Standard Germanium 2SB175 medium-high gain Japanese - super smooth $10 [Add $10.00]
High Gain Germanium Transistors $10 [Add $10.00]- These are new old stock early 1970s germanium transistors from Baldwin Organs, with nice high gain.
Silicon TFK BC-108C transistors, $0- these are the silver small metal can transistors.
Silicon TFK BC-109B transistors, $0These are NOS Telefunken brand BC109B transistors. B is not as high gain as C, otherwise the same parts.
Silicon TFK BC-109C transistors, $0NOS Telefunken brand BC109C transistors. Higher gain than 109B
Silicon BC-183 transistors, $0- These are the black plastic transistors, we have some really cool old ones in 2012!
Silicon BC-108B transistors- These are '80s transistors, not Telefunken brand. Nice if you want the BC108 sound but without as high gain.
Guitar cables

Add a CBI Ultimate 15 foot Guitar Cable $25 [Add $25.00]Add a great sounding 15 foot long guitar cable, black with straight metal soldered Neutrik ends.

Add LED:
No LED - $0
Green $15 [Add $15.00]
Red $15 [Add $15.00]
Yellow $15 [Add $15.00]

Graphics Options:
Clock graphics

Power Options:
Power Jack $15 [Add $15.00]Click on (?) next to Power Options

Sunface Options:
Sundial knob $25 [Add $25.00]
Guitar cables

Add a guitar cable:
Add a CBI Ultimate 10 foot Guitar Cable $23 [Add $23.00]

Add a knob cover:
Add an MXR style knob cover $2.00 [Add $2.00]- This knob cover fits on the larger of the two versions of MXR style knobs we use on our AM pedals. They make it easy to turn the knob with your foot. If you want more than one, you can add them to your shopping cart from the Accessories - Pedal Parts menu.

Add a shirt:


Add a Barefoot Button:
Solid Brass $10 (or gold anodized, put a note in the comments) [Add $10.00]This is a large metal button you screw onto the on/off switch. See our accessories area for more info on these.

Analog Man Sun Face pedals cover all of the Fuzz Face versions plus more, handmade to your specs with more options than any other fuzz pedal.

2019 - we are a bit backed up on these, about 1-2 weeks to build a custom Sun Face.

ORDER CHANGES : I am spending too many hours every day changing orders and it's VERY difficult, and once we start the pedal it can be impossible. So please add any options you might want, BEFORE checking out. Thank you!

** New money-saving QUICK DEAL standard models sometimes available! They are listed as a transistor option when available. These come at a discount as we can build them up when we have free time, and keep them in stock for FAST shipping, and pass the savings to you!!! PLEASE do not choose any other PEDAL OPTIONS (power jack, led, etc) if you want to get these special deals. **

In addition to the QUICK DEAL options sometimes available above in the OPTIONS area, we have some other Sun Face pedals ready to ship. All are side jacks in the smaller box with SUN logo unless otherwise specified:

READY TO SHIP Pedals (not special deals, just order normally):

- none at this time.

If you want one of these, choose these options and put a note in the order COMMENTS that you want one of the "ready-to-ship" pedals.

This Sunface has many transistor options, there is no BEST, they are all very similar but have some differences that could make some better than others for your needs.

Here is a short summary, much more info is on the Sunface page on analogman.com :

RCA germanium transistors : We got these in mid 2018 and the specs and sound are excellent. These are fairly low gain in general, but we have low, medium, and high available. Similar to standard germanium, a bit brighter with more cut than the old white dot NKT275. Quite a bit brighter than the red dot NKT, and also have excellent cleanup. The LOW GAIN RCA really cleans up well, and is not as bright, but still had a good amount of fuzz when you hit it hard. These are probably the best germanium choice for playing in different temperatures, as they are very stable and sound good even when warm.

2SB Japanese transistors : usually Toshiba brand, about 30 years old. Medium gain, not too finicky, nice warm tone, not very bright. Good cleanup. We have these in 2SB171 which is lower gain (better cleanup) and 2SB175 which is higher gain.

2N USA transistors : black or silver larger metal cans, similar to the 2SB transistors but maybe a little brighter and a bit more edge to cut through better. Usually made by General Electric (GE). Also used in the Low Gain Germanium option.

High Gain Germanium : These transistors were used in Baldwin Organs about 40 years ago. They are quite consistent, sound similar but fuzzier than the other germaniums but the higher gain does not allow them to clean up quite as well.

Low Gain Germanium : we choose from our Standard Germanium transistors with low gain, for a transistor that sounds and cleans up very close to the NKT275. Still gets fuzz when cranked up. Not very bright sounding.

White Dot NKT-275 - no longer available, only for Sun Face repairs or vintage restorations. Pretty low gain, not much fuzz but can get totally, sparkly clean. Very consistent, fairly bright, not too temperamental.

Red Dot NKT-275 - no longer available. Usually pretty low gain but we had some in medium and higher gain. Cool smoky, dark tones. Pretty good cleanup. A bit finicky, they don't sound good at extreme cold or hot. We put a bias trimpot inside even if you get a sundial so you can keep it in range (started this in late 2011). You should order the Sun Dial option with these as the sound will change at different temperatures.

Red Dot NKT : We got these in 2017. These are definitely made at the Newmarket factory. They look and sound like the old red dot NKT275 we used to have, but have a different part number on them after the "NKT", probably a house number for a specific customer. They are mostly low gain. We also have some higher gain pairs but not many so they are more expensive. See below for a video comparing the low gain to a medium high gain.

HYBRID RCA/NKT : In 2019, a good customer asked if we could make a germanium SunFace with one RCA and one NKT red dot. It sounded like a good idea so we made it, and it came out great. It has the useful temperature range of the RCA, with some of the RCA brightness and cut, with smoothness and warmth from the NKT. Maybe my favorite germanium choice.


BC108C : most normally found in 1970 era Fuzzfaces, small metal can. Can be very high gain, can cause radio or other noise. Best to back the FUZZ KNOB down a bit. We are now using some TFK (Telefunken) marked transistors like the old ones from 1970.

BC183 : We have some really cool old BC183 with paint stripes, they came individually bagged. Medium high gain. I like these a lot for a silicon fuzz. Almost all the silicon transistors sound about the same if you use transistors with the same gain ranges. But these BC183 are all in the right gain range so it's easier to make a more consistent and excellent sounding fuzz. These are really smooth, almost like a germanium sound, smoothest of the Silicons. Not as bright as the BC108 or BC109.

BC182 : Similar to BC183, it's also easy to match these up with a BC183 to make a perfect matched pair. But I like the old BC183 that we got better so we don't offer these at this time.

BC109 is similar to BC108 but a bit edgier, cuts well.
TFK BC109C : NOS original Telefunken brand BC109C, high gain, cuts good but not as much bright edge as the BC109B.Be careful cranking the FUZZ knob.

TFK BC109B : same as above but B is a little lower gain, great cut and high end, also less of that high gain silicon noise and fussiness when the fuzz knob is cranked. Pretty low noise floor too. Very nice!

For more info about the Analog Man Sunface & options link here:


Check out the BATT-O-METER for how you can test the battery level and LIFE without opening your pedal! It's in our ACCESSORIES area.


We can add a power off switch on the FUZZ pot, when you turn it down all the way it disconnects the battery. This will only fit on the side jacks model. We can install a mini toggle switch to kill the battery on the top jacks model. If you can unplug the cable from the input jack, it will do the same thing. But for people with the pedal in the middle of their pedalboard, one of these options will make it easier if you want to use a battery. If you use a power supply (requires the power jack option) then these battery disconnect options are not needed.

Below is the current optional CLOCK LOGO, which you can choose instead of the Sun Face.

This is a demonstration of the different gain of the red dot NKT transistors. Itís not a tone demonstration, itís just showing gain differences. On the right is a medium high gain on the left is a low gain. You can see the LED change on the switch box from left to right. The first video is with the Fuzz knob about halfway up, the second video it is full up. The low gain versions are cheaper just because we have more of them, not for any other reason:



Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 51 Write a review.

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Sunface LG January 14, 2019
Reviewer: jason murray from RI  
Awesome pedal. Cleans up unbelievably well. Bring back guitar volume 3-4 clicks and it will be clean. In between 6-10 on my strat or sg I can go from clean to slightly hairy to full on. Stacks beautifully with overdrives and is nice and quiet.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Sun Face BC 183 December 22, 2018
Reviewer: Jesse from Denver CO  
The BC 183 absolutely exceeded my expectations. The greatest silicon fuzz I have every played through, without a doubt.
Mike is the fuzz guru of the world. This site of his has an incredible amount of information to be accessed on the subject of fuzz pedals. As if that were not enough, he also takes time to answer our countless questions via email.
He has certainly helped me on my current quest for tone(s), and I look forward to the help he might give me in my future pursuits as well.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Sun Face BC183 (Chapman Stick) December 10, 2018
Reviewer: Kent from Ottawa, Canada  
This fuzz sounds great on the Chapman Stick. I am using it on the melody side. My chain is Analogman BC183, volume pedal, Catalinbread 5F6, Zoom MS-50G (for a touch of reverb or delay), Euphonic Wizzy Combo. A lot of great sounds adjusting the fuzz knob. Nice sustain and cleans up using stick volume knob (or volume pedal used before fuzz). I like this little box.

Not much of a fuzz guy for the bass side of the stick but this does sound cool on the bass side. I believe that mike can mode the pedal to let more bass through if requested (mine is stock).

Actually bought this for my Daughter's setup (see other review); but I will be borrowing this frequently.

Mike and staff

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Sun Face BC109C November 7, 2018
Reviewer: Tomasz Litra from Warszawa, Poland  
It's so amazing. Played a lot of fuzz pedals, but this one has to be the best! Mike simply know everything about fuzzes. A happy customer and my journey with his stuff just started.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
BC183 with Sun Dial & On/Off Volume Pot September 19, 2018
Reviewer: Matt from Coral Gables, FL United States  
After reading many reviews and hearing several demos, I wanted to try a Sun Face out and hear for myself what all the fuss was about.

After receiving my BC183 Sun Face in the mail, I replaced my usual fuzz with the Sun Face in my signal chain.  The pedal was already in the "on" position when I clicked the amp off standby and I strummed an open "G" chord (fuzz was at 12:00).  I was immediately struck by how "full" the Sun Face sounded in comparison to my usual silicone fuzz.  Wow.  Just a full, warm, musical sound that made me want to keep playing and playing.  After a few minutes of riffing, I picked my jaw up off the floor and decided to crank the fuzz up a bit more (just a few hairs short of full-clockwise rotation).  Note definition remained tight and clear and an amazingly smooth buzzsaw roar rung out over open chords.  The Sun Dial knob also enabled me to get a very sputtery, EJ-like tone.  Amazing pedal!

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