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Foxrox Zim Dual Overdrive Pedal
Foxrox Zim Dual Overdrive

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Analog Man proudly sells the Zim dual overdrive pedal made by Foxrox Electronics. This pedal has a unique voicing circuit to get many different tones. ZIM is like two separate pedals joined at the hip.
ZIM by Foxrox

The definitive dual-drive pedal

ZIM is like two separate pedals joined at the hip. The two channels can be configured a number of different ways depending on whatZIMcardsare installed. The easy and convenient CardSWAParrangement makes it easy for you to customize your ZIM to suit your needs. Unless you specify otherwise, you get your ZIM with the default Overdrive cards

ZIM - it's not the same as other overdrives. Instead of a bypass switch and a boost switch, ZIM has two individual channels which can be used individually or together in series (cascaded). Each has it's own true bypass (3pdt) switch w/ LED. This gives you three differenet sounds (A, B, or A + B). With the option of having two gain stages in series, you'll never be starved for gain.

Instead of a treble control, ZIM has a unique voicing circuit that gives you almost limitless control over your overdriven tone. In addition, each channel has it's own bass/treble trimmer which can be set internally.

Please take the time to read through all of the ZIM pages (see links above) and listen to the clips. There's a lot going on inside of ZIM,.. and with ZIMcards, it's the one pedal you can adapt to whatever your drive needs are even if they change over time.

Features: Voicing Configs Protos

ZIMcards: Cardswap ZIMcardconcept

More ZIM pages: Soundclips User feedback

Here's a little demo video for the optional FF ZIMcard. No talking, no production value - just Dave Fox noodling through the pedal and turning knobs. He included the card being swapped at the beginning for those not familiar with ZIM.

The FF card is a low-gain NPN Silicon fuzz followed by a mild overdrive stage. The two stages combine together for a decent amount of gain/sustain and the top end is smoothed out so it sounds good through a clean amp. The low gain in the FF section allows a nice vol knob clean up - not brittle like a normal high gain silicon Fuzz.

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5 of 5 Finally! January 28, 2016
Reviewer: Matthew Johnson from Williamsport, PA United States  
As a long time searcher for the tone inside my head, I've tried what seems to be every overdrive and distortion on the market. While many have come and gone, the FoxRox Zim is the last man standing. My Vox-flavored amp has never bonded very well with many low-end to expen$ive boutique overdrives, but the overall flexibility of the Zim (VT/H9 Cards) is astounding. It didn't take long for me to dial in that push over the edge break up (akin to my Tim pedal) with the VT (the internal treble trimmer is a must here) and the crunch tones of the H9. Add to that the stacking power for lead tones and I finally found the tone I had in my head for so long. I've bought, sold, and traded for years, and finally feel like I'm done...at least that's what I'll tell my wife! :)

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5 of 5 This just might be the best December 1, 2013
Reviewer: Philip Emond from Hong Kong, Tai Koo Shing Hong Kong  
I can't believe this pedal is not way more famous and cherished. For me, I like to play teles and have chords ring and chime out. As a low gain pedal with channel A and then a bit more with B or combined this pedal sounds really hi fidelity and delivers live with a band. Most demos have shown the higher gain settings, but it is great for blues and indie rock to Zeppelin

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5 of 5 The Zim sounds great live December 19, 2008
Reviewer: S�Stephens from Forney,�TX�United States  
One thing you'll notice about the Zim is that it sounds a lot better than most of your other distortion pedals when you play live, especially with the TAR+ card. Now if we could only get a card that sounds like a modified Metal Zone for higher gain. This pedal is a def keeper....

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5 of 5 Innovative take on classic overdrive November 11, 2008
Reviewer: Lance�Newhart from Torrance,�CA�United States  
This has to be one of the most innovative ideas for pedals ever.  I've tried every Zim card made and every one of them does exactly what you would expect.  The tubescreamer cards (T9, B9, H9) sound like different flavors of tubescreamer & they're true bypass which has a more open sound to my ears.  The TAR+ sounds like a Rat.  The different flavors of boost (CC, VT) are also very nice.  And for me, the FF is a fantastic solo boost.  I've swapped cards several times (Dave lets you do it for just the cost of shipping!) and am happy that I can do it in the future if I ever get sick of the ones I have (B9, FF).  But you always need a tubescreamer and the fuzz is great.

My only complaint is that all the overdrive cards have a tubescreamer-ish tone.  There's no KOT or Blackstone type open sounding overdrives.  But this complaint is not enough to dock the Zim any of it's 5 well deserved stars.

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5 of 5 Zim Review May 22, 2007
Reviewer: Mark�James from Chatswood,�Sydney - NSW�Australia  
I like the Foxrox Zim Dual overdrive pedal
as you can tweak the pedal for high gain
and you can also use it as a boost if you wish.  I swapped my card to a Tar + because I wanted the high gain sound for
crunching rhythm and screaming lead work

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