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Analog Man Block Logo Envelope Filter Pedal
Analog Man Block Logo Envelope Filter Pedal

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Add an MXR style knob cover $2.29 [Add $2.29]- This knob cover fits on the larger of the two versions of MXR style knobs we used to use on our AM pedals. It won't fit the knobs we normally use the last few years (except the POT) but if you choose this option we will put the older style knobs on your pedal. They make it easy to turn the knob with your foot. If you want more than one, you can add them to your shopping cart from the Accessories - Pedal Parts menu.

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Analog Man's Block Logo Envelope Filter starts with the 1970's classic MXR circuit, and updates it with modern benefits.
That Pedal Show - jump to 26 minutes for Envelope filter.
My Connecticut Buddy Matt Rae, a great Tele player, doing some Jerry tones!!!
The Shakedown Sound series shows the Envelope Filter
In 2017 we finally finished our high-quality circuit board to make more of these, with a better layout and cleaner build than before.

We previously made 100 using real New Old Stock (NOS) MXR circuit boards for original sounds, but we added the third knob and toggle switch so you could get more tones. The UP/DOWN toggle allows those Mutron type reverse Wah sounds. The EMPHasis knob allows more or less extreme tones. Most of these modifications were discovered by the guys on the diystompboxes forum, like Mark Hammer and Steve Giles. Our new circuit board is the same circuit, but should be a higher quality built pedal as it is designed for these mods and had better shielding.

Also we added LED, True bypass, and 9vDC power jack of course.

Very easy to use, unlike many envelope filters which are difficult to set for easy triggering. All knobs at noon usually sound pretty good, then adjust to taste by ear.

SIZE : 2 5/16" x 4 5/16", original MXR size 1290 / 1590B enclosure.

Uses normal 9Vdc power or battery, very little power, well under 10mA.

Get your funk on!!

This pedal is not as "synth filtery" sounding as the Mu-Tron, maybe more like an auto wah.

Below is one original MXR along with three of our first versions in various stages of build:

As usual, we do a little tweaking to make the pedal more usable. We put a blue trimpot inside on the circuit board, so you can adjust the envelope for different guitars.
Turned all the way up (clockwise) it's exactly the same as the old MXR and works great with weaker pickups like single coils. We normally set it turned down a bit, vertical, to work better for humbuckers or allow a deeper sound with single coils. You can turn it down further to get lower frequencies, even sort of "sub-bass" frequencies that are cool on bass guitar!

Works fine into dirt pedals, even a germanium Fuzz like our NKT Sun Face, as it's output impedance is fuzz-friendly.

BASS GUITAR : With the toggle UP and all knobs at noon, it sounds good on bass. You still hear the low end and normal note, like a clean blend, with the envelope filter sound on top of it. You can use the internal trimpot with the toggle UP to get some deep, cool sounds. With toggle DOWN on bass, you get a more intense effect without as much of the normal sound.

Here is the current version with our higher-quality circuit board. It is mounted better and fits better in the case. We also improved the power supply filtering and protection as on most modern pedals.
The circuit board is higher quality and it mounts in the case better, so it should be more reliable than an old MXR. All the components are the same so it should sound the same. Also we added power supply filtering and protection as on most modern pedals.
The circuit board is higher quality and it mounts in the case better, so it should be more reliable than an old MXR. All the components are the same so it should sound the same. Also we added power supply filtering and protection as on most modern pedals.

We interviewed Keith Barr (RIP), president and designer for MXR back in the day for our book, and he said this pedal was his favorite, most special design. He said:

That�s the one I really wanted people to make comments about. The objective for the Envelope Filter was to produce a box that did it all with digital circuitry (logic chips, used in a non-digital way - AM).

And I gotta say, of all the boxes, I think from a design perspective, that one�s the coolest. That�s something that somebody ought to write a little article about and say, �Look at how cool this design is.�

Most people would say, okay you want to make a filter of some sort, and you want it to be sweepable; okay you need some voltage controlled amplifiers, 3080s or something like that; or maybe FETs, or maybe optoisolators or something. Yeah okay, we�ll settle down and make our little filter, and we�ll make a little detector, and we�ll make the detector drive the filter control voltage, and then we�re done. No, no, no, I wanted to do it without using any of those things... a whole new way of doing it, completely off the wall. That was the challenge, and I was so pleased with the result because it just worked beautifully. Take a look at the schematic, and if you don�t get the electronics, hand it to somebody you think does and ask them what�s going on. That is a cool box. You can also put in your book, I�m really let down that nobody who gets electricity that ever looked at that schematic ever thought, �Wow that�s really cool, I gotta go call Keith and tell him so.� (Laughs.)

Here is a video from Premier Guitar Magazine:

Here is a great video from Matt Rae that he posted on Facebook:


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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 There is no substitute. June 11, 2022
Reviewer: Richard Grace from TACOMA, WA United States  
I tried four other filtering pedals and was about ready to give up and buy another wah pedal. (I hate wah pedals' form factor.) In my experience, the AnalogMan Block Logo is by far the best of its kind. Super easy to work with, no mystery about it, really responsive with both humbuckers and single-coil. For my part, I don't even have to place it at the front of the chain! (I think I would recommend it, and I'm going to try it this way - YMMV.) It LOVES drive pedals. So easy to dial in. The demo videos on this page were what finally decided me to try one more time. This one's not a waste of money. It just works, and works well. Another stellar example of AnalogMike's exceptional analog modulation pedals, for which there really is no digital substitute. There goes that man! Worth the wait!

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Block Logo Envelope Filter Pedal September 18, 2021
Reviewer: Mike from San Diego, CA United States  
If you have the means (and the patience), this is simply THE BEST EF there is. I have used Mutron, MicroTron, QTron, Keeley's Neutrino... and this one is BY FAR the easiest to use, and the best sounding of the lot. Small sized - just enough control without any 'dead spots' on the neck or crazy awful filter synth sounds up high on the fretboard.

In a band I'm in, we cover 4 or 5 Dead songs, and getting the Jerry Quack has never been simpler.

The amazing SHOCK is how well it paired with my POG and the KOT (before both of them).

With the POG, it creates an unreal effect... will be blast to take into weird jams in the future.

With the KOT in either OD or Boost, it becomes a perfectly articulate filter for solos.

For your Jerry sounds, just use it clean, and you can get Fire to Estimated to Shakedown - no issues

Don't hesitate - when it gets to you, you'll know why you waited.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Block Letter Envelope Filter November 21, 2019
Reviewer: Scott from Arizona  
As has been noted below, this is probably the easiest to use envelope filter I have ever tried. Couple that with great tones and you have a winner.
For reference, I have used (am using) the Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk, the Xotic Robotalk, the Electro-Harmonic Q-Tron and the Source Audio Spectrum.  All of those can give you great sounds, but none quite so simply and consistently as the AnalogMan Envelope.

And it is in a normal case as well. Triple plus good!

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 I don't even know what to say... July 28, 2019
Reviewer: Brian Richardson from PEORIA, IL United States  
I can FINALLY stop trying to find one of these that actually does what I want it to.  I had no idea that this would be the end of my small footprint EF search.  Dude this thing sounds better for Jerry tones AND funk stuff than my vintage Mu-Tron.  Not even joking.  It triggers ALL OVER the fret board.  It triggers right with EVERY pickup.. and I have a freakin’ HSS Strat.  I expected it to be more auto-wah-y than bubble-Mutron-y by a bit, but dude... This is unreal.  I A/B’ed it with my Mu-tron, my Proton, my Accufunkture... This crushes all of them.  I’ve never really messed with an old MXR or anything in that family, and I’ve never heard any clips of any of them sounding as good as this thing does.  I can actually spend more time having fun with it, than struggling to dial it in! lol.. THANKS MIKE!

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Hats off! April 28, 2017
Reviewer: Ulrich Zmaila from Schwaebisch Hall, BW Germany  
Sounds great and looks great. Have a vintage MXR EF for comparison. The A.MAN is much more versatile and much easier to adjust with different pickups. I always had to put a clean boost before the MXR to adjust the output of the pickups to the threshold of the filter. Go check it out!

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