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Electro-Harmonix Classic Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay Pedal
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Analog Delay

Our Price: $295.00

Availability - time to dispatch:: Currently Unavailable


Change the Power Supply:
Standard US power supply $0
Euro 240V $10 [Add $10.00]
UK 240V $10 [Add $10.00]

Add an Expression Pedal:
Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal $75 [Add $75.00]

DMM Tweeks:
Add Gain Reduction, Input Impedence, and Delay Time Mods $40 [Add $40.00]
Add Gain Reduction Mod $40 [Add $40.00]
Add Input Impedence Mod $40 [Add $40.00]
Add Extra Delay Time Mod $40 [Add $40.00]
Power Cables for your existing multi-power supply

Add EXTRA Cable:
24Volt DC Y-cable for PedalPower-2 $15 [Add $15.00]

Exp Pedal Control Jack Option:
Feedback $50 [Add $50.00]

Exp Pedal Control Jack Option:
Blend $50 [Add $50.00]

sorry, no longer available  
Analog Man carried the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe memory Man analog delay pedal. We now have the new XO smaller version of this pedal in stock. It's pretty much the same thing and we can do our TWEAKS on both versions.

Deluxe Memory Man analog delay

This is the larger, classic version of the DMM. It was discontinued in May of 2009.
EH Deluxe memory man with modulation, This is one of the best sounding ANALOG DELAYS available. If you blend in a TOUCH of the chorus along with the delay, you get a natural modulation of the delay, which sounds just like an echoplex or echorec. These now have have TRUE BYPASS. Without it, they are a bit DULL sounding when off, and even a little when ON. True bypass completely removes the effect from your circuit when the effect is OFF. With true bypass, the volume level may change when you switch the pedal ON, unless you set the LEVEL knob to match the off level. With true bypass, the POWER LED is now an on/off STATUS LED, which is much more usable.

In late 2004, along with changing from wooden to carboard boxes, there was a redesign on the switching. They are using relays now for true bypass. So if you lose power, the effect will switch to OFF and you will get your true bypassed dry sound. This also makes it easy to mod them for remote or MIDI on/off switching.

EH always used the good NOS Japanese delay chips in these, not the Chinese chips that most others are using in delays.

This pedal comes with a 24V power adapter instead of a hardwired power cord, so it can be used in other countries too by using the correct power adapter which we can supply. They used to have a built-in transformer and an AC cord, but that sometimes caused humming problems on the pedals (some even when off). We have had some cables built to run the DMM off the voodoo labs pedalpower2. If you have two of the first four (ACA compatible) outputs available, you can use two 12V PP2 outputs to make 24V for the DMM. These cables, or an overseas power supply are options.

Sound Sample

hell.mp3 Some Floyd textures - Run Like Hell. a Strat through my comprossor and silver tube screamer into the Deluxe Memory man at my favorite setting (with a touch of the CHORUS knob). (Analog Mike).

PRICE INCREASE in July 2006, these were too much of a bargain, I knew it was too good to be true. Prices went up $10 in early 2006 then 30% more in mid July. They are still a good deal, and became extinct in 2009 due to the NOS delay chips used. But we have some left, so grab one while you can!

For more info on the chips used in the Memory Man, and our input impedance, gain, and delay time tweaks, see my FAQ. The three tweaks are available in any combination as an extra cost option.

We can also add optional EXPRESSION PEDAL jacks on the pedal to control the FEEDBACK and/or BLEND knobs. We normally put these on the left side. We can put one in the DRY effect output if you don't need to use that jack. The dry output jack just connects to the input jack stock.

We can also add an EFFECTS LOOP jack. The delayed sound will run through the effects loop, you can use all sorts of things in the loop to make the delayed sound different than the dry sound. Or you can plug an expression pedal (Boss EV5, etc) into the LOOP jack and it will work as a volume control for the delays! You can get crazy spaceship sounds going with infinite delay and pull it back to kill it, or push it forward to bring them back in, at whatever volume you want.

The EXPRESSION PEDAL and EFFECTS LOOP are each a $50 option, email for how to add the EFFECTS LOOP to your cart.

We will ship the next business day if you order without mods. The mods take a few days or maybe up to a week if we are backed up.

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