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Envelope filter April 21, 2016
Reviewer: pete jones from nashville, TN United States  
Thanks Mike! Envelope filter sounds incredible! I'm a tru-Tron guy, and I gotta say, I can get my Garcia tones, yet overall it's not as finicky, it's just more consistent!(smaller:). I highly recommend it! Customer service was as good as it gets! Thanks again, not my last analog man pedal.

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Finally! August 19, 2015
Reviewer: Carl from Brooklyn, NY United States  
The AM EF sounds fantastic!  It does I want from an EF--quacks, gulps, wah-like sounds, sharp filter flares and smooth, not-quite-open warbles.  You can set it for your best Jerry Garcia impersonation, or a dozen other cool sounds.  Heck, I even like the filter up settings, which I usually find useless.

Sound aside, dynamics are where this pedal REALLY shines.  Other EF's I've used have proven finicky and difficult to manage, but not this one. Chords, single notes, high strings, low strings--the AM EF handles them all, triggering evenly without making you adjust your settings.

All-in-all, this pedal more than lived-up to my hopes.  It has the sounds and it makes playing music EASY.  No fighting with the pedal or fiddling with the settings.  The AM EF lets you control the sound / change playing styles as you go, rather than making you "play the pedal" so much.  All I can say is "Finally!"  Now if I can just get out of work so I can go play some more guitar...

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Incredible work! August 5, 2015
Reviewer: Max L from Parkland, FL United States  
Hands down, the BEST envelope filter I've ever played through. I've had Q-Trons, Neutrinos, and a few others, and this one takes the cake. Such a simple, yet versatile pedal. Seriously, job well done! Thanks, Analog.Man!

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Nailed it. Better than the original! May 26, 2015
Reviewer: Dennis B from Eatontown, NJ United States  
I just wanted to say you completely nailed it on the MXR EF! All the good parts of my vintage unit are there and none of the bad parts. Switching back and forth between the original MXR and the AM confirms Mike definitely fixed the volume drop and dulled tone issue of the original perfectly. It’s got more treble and plenty of volume, seems to be unity gain with the bypassed signal nicely. This will definitely replace the 3 pedal set up I am using now for that one effect (LS-2 loop, MXR, + Dano EQ). Now ab’ing with the MXR + EQ I can get it almost exact. I really love the addition of the internal trimmer to adjust for a more bassy or treble sound, I was able to tweak for my humbuckers by rolling back the trim pot about 25% and get more low frequency response.   The trimpot works exactly as stated. Emphasis knob is a very handy addition as well. I’m so thrilled I am able to replace the three pedals on my board to get the sound you achieved in one awesome pedal. Well done!

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THE Ultimate Envelope Filter! May 19, 2015
Reviewer: Eddyrox/Mike from Newport Beach, CA  
OK, like the others, I've owned several EF's, including the Guyatone WR5 (awesome synth-"quakery"), the Xotic Robo-talk 2, the Pigtronix EP2. I've found that the RT2 and EP2 to work well, but require a bit of tweaking to coax out that desired Thomas Organ/McCoy quack. IMHO, the RT2 and EP2, while super versatile, are naturally voiced in the higher EQ freq. spectrum, and require the right p/up's and guitar wood to coax the correct degree of "funkiness" (although the EP2 has it in there).

The AM EF is voiced, right out of the box, to have that 70's funk tone - quack and wah. No tweaking necessary! I can riff on Billy Jean to Love Rollercoaster to Bill Withers' "use me", and it's all good.

I've found the only pedal that quacks like my Fulltone Clyde Deluxe, and a suitable companion to my Guyatone WR5.

Great job Mike & team!!

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Great filter! May 18, 2015
Reviewer: Chris B. from Nor Cal United States  
I have owned many envelope filters over the years, so I when I saw this one pop up on your site I had to try one.  The biggest problem I always have with envelope filters is that my low output strat pickups don't trigger them easily enough and allow for enough dynamics in my playing.  There are only a handful I have owned that I really like the interaction with my strats.  Humbuckers always trigger, but I love the sound of strats with env. filters!  This new Block Logo works very well with my strats; there is no problem triggering them even with the threshold just over noon.
It has a nice quack-more like a wah pedal rather than a synthy filter sound.  I really love the variety of tones I can coax out of my Wonderlove filter, but I love the simplicity of the Block Logo.  The tone is always good.  It is eq'd to not boost or cut any bass from your signal.  Also, there is no volume drop and you don't have to dial in a trim pot to accomplish this!  Great job Mike; this is a winner.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Funky Envelope Box! April 14, 2015
Reviewer: Noah from LA  
I wanted to say how tickled I am to have received the Analog Man Block Logo Envelope Filter. Since my first pedal purchase from you in 2005 you have always made me feel like a valued customer. I am a professional engineer, mixer and producer working on large projects so I deal with a lot of companies in audio, some of which I love and some of which I abhor and you are among the best and I truly appreciate that. From design, to execution to customer service you all truly give me pride in owning an Analogman. Now to the envelope filter. I spent a long time about 10 years ago trying to find a replacement for my Guyatone Funky Box, which was a tremendous pedal I lucked upon quite accidentally. When it died, I couldn’t get anyone to fix it, so I tried everything I could find and finally settled on the Emma Discombobulator because I found it to be by far the most musical of all the pedals I tried. My one complaint was that it was a bit synth like and somehow felt more modular than Mu-tron. However I like that pedal a lot and used it for a long time. I haven’t had as much time to play with your pedal yet, but I can say it is extremely musical and less synthy and more wah-like than the Emma. It responds great to my playing, interacts very well with the other pedals in my board and the sound feels more organic to me than the Emma. Really nice work!

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