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Sweet Sound UltraVibe-II
Sweetsound UltraVibe-II

Our Price: $399.00

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Swirly Vibe:
Swirly UltraVibe add $19.00 [Add $19.00]

Add a Patch Cord:
12" switchcraft soldered pancake type patch cord $18 [Add $18.00]

Add a Patch Cord:
6" switchcraft soldered pancake type patch cord $15 [Add $15.00]

Add an Expression Pedal:
Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal $75 [Add $75.00]
Guitar cables

Add a CBI Ultimate 15 foot Guitar Cable $25 [Add $25.00]Add a great sounding 15 foot long guitar cable, black with straight metal soldered Neutrik ends.
Power Cables for your existing multi-power supply

18Volt DC Y-cable PPY for PedalPower-2 $6.50 [Add $6.50]
Optional power supplies

Add a Power Supply:
US 120V 18vDC $18 [Add $18.00]- This USA power supply will give 18V to the pedal instead of 9V, see the pedal description for more info on why you might like this.

We are so sorry that we lost Bob Sweet to cancer in October 2008. But Bob's family is continuing to build Bob's pedals in 2009.  We are stocking them again, including the amazing ULTRAVIBE-II which is one of the best sounding uni-vibes available at any price.
The wait is over, the ULTRA VIBE II is back. From the mind of Bob Sweet to your pedal board. This beautiful sounding handcrafted pedal can be yours.

We have the new 16/18 version which has a power jack on it instead of a hard-wired AC cord. It runs fine at 18vDC, you can use a Y-Cable to get 18V from two Pedalpower2 outputs, or the Dunlop 18V power supply will work. It will also work at 16vAC but we don't know of any suitable AC power supplies. We may have the AC cord version in stock too, email to see what we have or put a note in the ORDER COMMENTS area.

I tested a bunch of univibe clones with Jim Weider and this was the one... he grabbed one and Jesse Gress from Todd Rundgren's band, and Guitar Player magazine, heard his and Jesse grabbed one too.

Usually in stock, ask to confirm.

These have an AC cord for USA style 120V AC, if you want to use it in other countries you will need a voltage converter.

Chorus/Vibrato Switch - Selects between the classic Uni-Vibe chorus sound or vibrato.

Volume Control - Used to either match the effect output with the unaffected bypassed signal. Or to ad a slight boost to the affected signal.

Intensity Control - Controls the depth or the amount of the chorus or vibrato effect.

LED Indicator - When the effect is engaged the Led will light and also pulse to the speed set by the speed control (#10). When off the effect is bypassed

Speed Control - This controls the speed of the sweep in the Ultra Vibe. From slow rolling phase to watery bubbling "Leslie" type sound. The large oversized knob is used in an attempt to make it easier for those who do not wish to use the option of a pedal controller, to adjust it with their foot. This knob when a control pedal is used, so you have control over the total speed range is totally bypassed

The hole on the bottom of the Ultra Vibe is the access hole for the trim pot that controls the depth and center frequency. It can be looked at as a bias control and works in conjunction with the front panel intensity control. Adjust to your taste just be careful not to force the trim pot as it is delicate. What I do is set the intensity on full and then adjust the trim pot to the extreme of what I would use and then from then on use the front panel intensity control.

Expression control jack: This jack is for controlling the speed with an external expression pedal, instead of the built-in speed knob. A standard expression pedal like the Boss EV5 will work fine on the ULTRA-VIBE-II, unlike the original ultravibe which required a special univibe dual pot controller like the original (not Dunlop) Uni-Vibe pedals.



"I've been asked this MANY times, of what the differences are between the two so here's a few things I could think of off the top of my head.

Ultra Vibe II Features

Fused AC mains powered (internal power supply)
Foot switch able vibrato mode
Expression pedal (or passive volume pedal) input
for optional speed control

Bulb “bias” adjustment thru bottom of unit
Custom reverse engineered photo cells (from a 1969 Uni-Vibe)
Same as the original Ultra Vibe and Mojo Vibe
Full sized parts (the Mojo uses smaller parts for space saving)
True bypass switching
Custom made anodized aluminum enclosure (also available with Swirl paint)
Size : 6.5" wide, 4.75" deep, and 1 3/4" tall.

Mojo Vibe features

9 Volt powered (standard Boss PSA-120 style adapter)
Internal voltage doubler
Tighter low end and more precise sound due to the regulated power supply
Expression pedal (or passive volume pedal) input
for optional speed control

Custom reverse engineered photo cells (from a 1969 Uni-Vibe)
Internal and switch able fet buffer
Internal bias adjustment
True bypass switching
Custom made epoxy painted aluminum enclosure
(also available with Swirl paint)

Small Size

Of course both have FR-4 glass epoxy plated through hole boards.
Same custon made light reflector."

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